Lahden Ilmailukerho

In English

Lahden Ilmailukerho is active flying club near city of Lahti in southern Finland. The airfield Lahti-Vesivehmaa (EFLA) used by club is an old military field taken into use during the Continuation war in 1943.

Since the Finnish Airforce isn’t anymore actively using the airfield, it has become home for several aviation clubs and private plane owners in Lahti region. At least eleven different clubs are operating from EFLA. All forms of general aviation are represented at EFLA: soaring, hanggliding, microlights and RC-planes.

Lahden Ilmailukerho has four gliders and one powered aircraft. One glider, (Puchacz) is twoseater and suitable for training. Junior is for basic training for licenced pilot. LS-4 and LS-8 are for advanced pilots for cross-country flights and for competition. Mostly every year at least one of club's pilot attends to Finnish nationals in 15 meter or club class.

The one-plane is extremely rare and to our best knowledge still actually one of a kind. The PIK-27 is an experimental tow-plane designed by Aki Suokas and built by several members of the club. Club's former chairmen Yrjö Karjalainen and  Antti Rahikainen have given the greatest effort for completing the airplane.

Soaring season is from mid April to mid October and best times for soaring are from mid May to mid of September. If you happen to come to Finland, please visit Lahti-Vesivehmaa and come to see us.